Coach Update: John Roddick

coach john

In the Roddick household, learning to walk was synonymous with learning to run track and wrestle. With two parents who also coached (Mom coached track and cross country and Dad coached wrestling), sports were engrained into the family spirit and culture. We’re thinking that’s what helped John earn a spot on the mat at one of the top Div 2 wrestling schools in the country, St. Cloud State! After three years and two national championship teams, John switched gears and left wrestling to become a nurse, which is also when he began CrossFitting.

After graduation, John worked in the neuro ICU at a major Milwaukee hospital (Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center) but felt something was missing. After checking out his soon-to-be brother-in-law’s nearby chiropractic practice, he fell in love with the philosophy which filled the missing piece of healthcare (prevention) for John. We are glad he landed at Palmer College of Chiropractic and, concurrently, CrossFit OC3!

Not only does John admire Frozone from the Incredibles but he loves dogs and grizzly bears. He has a border collie named Molly, has traveled to Machu Picchu and catches a little Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen in his free time. Please introduce yourself to him if you haven’t already and give Coach John a big OC3-style welcome!

Click through to read more about John and his interests, cheat foods and qualifications here.


Grizzly John

Super John

Molly the border collie

John Kent