On Ramp Intro Classes

New to CrossFit? We’ll set you up for success and show you the ropes!

Beginners will spend three On Ramp sessions learning core CrossFit movements with a highly qualified trainer. We take movement – and safety – very seriously so we teach proper form from the start, and then continue it throughout your entire program.

We often hear that people want to get in shape before they start a new CrossFit program. There is no need to do that! We provide you with all of the tools necessary to ensure your success. Don’t forget that everything we do is scalable and customizable. We will not let you work beyond your abilities, but we will guarantee a great workout!

Now that we have cleared up the come-as-you-are rule of thumb, we recommend dropping in to try a few classes (free of charge) before committing if you are completely new to CrossFit or on the fence. It doesn’t hurt to try, right? Well it might hurt, but only in the best of ways!

Those ready to take the plunge, we are ready for you even if you think you aren’t ready for us! Come see what they hype is all about and have the best hour of your day with us.

$75 – 3 introductory classes

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