CrossFit OC3 – CrossFit


TNT lift!!! (1 rep max )

Complex of:

1 Clean + 1 Hang clean + 2 Front squats


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

TNT WOD!!!!! Yes, we are switching it up and doing the TNT WOD on a Friday, before the party, thought we would change it up a bit this year!! Again, the ONLY thing that is important about this workout, is they do the EXACT same workout when they retest. If they Match their complex PR (on retest), it will COUNT towards their score and be accepted.


17 minute AMRAP:

C&J 125/85

Burpee bar hops

Yes, I am making this a complicated rep scheme. I wanted people to be forced to think while tired as well. We always train the easier rep schemes on longer workouts. So I figured we would switch things up for this TNT.

Rep scheme:

C&J 4/4 (6 Burpee bar hops)

C&J 6/6 (9 burpee bar hops)

C&J 8/8 (12 Burpee bar hops)

C&J 10/10 (15 Burpee bar hops)

C&J 12/12 (18 Burpee bar hops)

C&J 14/14 (21 Burpee bar hops)