CrossFit OC3 – CrossFit


Metcon (Time)


30/22 Cal ROW AND BIKE

30 Syn T2B

30 C&J 155/105

60 Syn Wall balls 30/20 (Heavy)

30 C&J

30 Syn T2B

30/22 Cal ROW and BIKE


20/15 Cal Bike and Row

30 Syn sit ups with med ball 20/14 or feet above hips/normal scaling

30 C&J (heavy enough for singles)

60 Syn Wall Balls

30 C&J

30 Syn SU w/ med ball/ normal T2B scaling

20/15 Cal ROW and Bike

*** One person will start on Bike or Rower, once they have both completed their desired # of calories they will then switch machines and complete the same calories. Once they are both finished with the Bike and Rower, they then can move on to the T2B and such. The start and end of the WOD will finish in this fashion.


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