Let’s welcome Coach Dylan to the growing OC3 family! He’s been prepped and primed and has already taken on a couple of classes but officially starts on June 4th!

Originally from Des Moines, he grew up playing baseball, football and some hockey for a few years. He then transitioned into rugby at the University of Iowa and eventually became VP and Co-Captain.

Superhero movies are his jam and you’ll find out his favorite when you click through to his full bio! He studied exercise science so, naturally, he loves learning about and teaching nutrition and hopes to offer diet/nutritional consulting in the near future. While his favorite cheat food – sour gummy worms – doesn’t coincide with this passion, who says you can’t have multiple passions?!

With a minor in art and a love for handstand walks there’s really nothing Dylan can’t do…at least with his hands!

Photo: Mariah Chapdelaine Photography

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