Outside the Box: CrossFit + Beer(sbee)

With the weather acting like a complete jerk, CrossFitters often find themselves engaging in adult beverage related sports to keep things in check. It’s all about balance here in the corn fed Midwest!

Given the fact that there are multiple ways to hydrate combined with CrossFit being all about muscle confusion (the brain contains a bit of muscle) and constantly varied movements at high-intensity intervals, we like to introduce new forms of exercise into our routines. Watch as Coach Gerald gets OUTSIDE THE BOX this week with the game Beersbee, which involves the obvious: beer. Pay close attention as he demonstrates the benefits for you!

How and when did you get started in Beer(sbee)?

It all started at my first high school party….er, our annual 4th of July party. Our good friends, the Weires, introduced us to the game in 2016. It was such a huge hit we asked them to bring it back this year and it was JUST as fun. I continue to work on my form while incorporating CrossFit into my technique, as evidenced by the video.

What have you noticed since adding Beer(sbee) to your routine? 

Well obviously I’m much more active all around now due to the added energy from Beer(sbee). I find that everything in daily life is just easier, whether it’s lawn work, landscaping or trying to keep up with our 5 and 2 year old children. It’s all just sooo much easier now that I have this new hobby!

Plus, most people who know me know I’m not a social butterfly, however, when I’m hosting a social event I want people to have fun. I’ve been that guy at a gathering wondering what I’m even doing there, and I don’t want my guests to be bored so I will come out of my shell to make sure it is enjoyable for everyone. I have Beer(sbee) to thank for helping me do that. Time is precious and I surely don’t want to waste it without a Blue Moon in my hand!

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? 

Beer(sbee) clearly enhances my handstand walk capabilities.

Why is acting ridiculous important to you?
My wife, Rachael, would say it’s part of my charm (yes, she really loves me). Not a lot of people get to see it other than my immediate family because I’m a bit introverted. A lot of my humor comes from imagination and, if you asked Brittany Metzner, my facial expressions! I can get a little over the top but it’s all for the sake of making people smile!!

Name one of your quirks! 

I have the innate ability to make anything serious into a funny conversation. If things get too serious, I will be the first to crack a joke…usually an inappropriate one at that, LOL!

What are your future plans? 

I will continue to play Beersbee every 4th of July, and probably continue to have fun making a fool of myself while entertaining others. That is just how I roll!

How can people who participate in other ridiculous sports benefit from CrossFit? 

The thing I like most about CrossFit is the people. We all live very, VERY different lives but no matter what, we all make the time to suffer at OC3. The people I see on a daily basis have become good friends and, in a way, family. We spend most of our days texting each other about workouts, how we’re feeling that day and giving each other support when needed. It’s definitely something you won’t find at a Planet Fitness, but hell you’ll find that at every CrossFit gym. OC3 is a home away from home!


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